Si avvicini ! Come closer !

Can’t you hear the alarm bell in the distance ? Leonardo died 500 years ago. Leonardo Da Vinci who –after all- only settled in the French Kingdom in 1516, before dying in the Clos Lucé… 3 years later.

What also happened 500 years ago ? The birth of the little Catherine, 13th of April in Firenze. We can only wonder what kind of woman Catherine was when we know that she established herself in the Loire Valley too. You see, as a queen and a mother of three French kings, Catherine de’ Medici conducts her own -16th century version- cold war in Chenonceau…

Whoever we are dealing with: Leonardo Da Vinci, Catherine de’ Medici or even Diane de Poitiers, or Francis the 1st, the 500 anniversary of Renaissance is in the spotlights this year ! The red carpet is rolled out by the Castles of the Loire river, and any player of the national heritage related to the Loire Valley. Don’t you dare think it’s a dull topic ! This national and international substantial operation honors this year the Renaissance era with a brand new schedule revolving around The Italian master.

But why Amboise ? Who truly was Leonardo Da Vinci ? What kind of « Girl Power » can we find in Chenonceau? Come and find out, all year long, with our excursion : Les Châteaux de la Loire

Have a glimpse on this appealing program waiting for you :

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