From Saint Malo to the Mont Saint Michel : cast off the veils and the handbrake, let’s take off from Nantes !

Memories of privateers adventures along Nantes ‘docks ? Saint Malo made its own genetic heritage out of it ! Whether it be Jacques Cartier or René Duguay-Trouin, letters of marque did marked the city indeed.

Nantes, a not-to-be-missed step for pilgrims ? It’s time to walk on the Tro Breizh trail which stops by St Malo, or cross the bay until the Mont Saint Michel’s sanctuary and you will see ! From the city’s remparts to the Mont’s bay, let’s follow the path of these centenaries walkers.

Nantes, Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint Malo : what about Breton’s identity ?
Among these curiosities, there is one sure thing : Nantes’motto could be assigned to any of these joyful jewels : “Favet Neptunus Eunti” Neptune grants his favors to the audacious !

Your turn to be audacious : it’s time to embark with NAOW

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