Did you know that Nantes is not far from…
the Gulf of Morbihan?
the Mont Saint-Michel?
the Loire Valley Castles?
Saint Malo?

Naow's little ones :

  • No tricks all is written!
  • The return is understood: promised we will bring you back!
  • We are nice (and rather funny!)

We recommend you to extend your visit to Nantes by a day, to discover the favorite walks of the locals

NAOW is a tour company like no other!

Why ?

Because the NAOW team finds good places to make you experience a friendly adventure, filled with beautiful encounters.

(And also because instead of struggling to look for the best view point, a good local menu, or even a small place to have a drink…We have prepared everything for you in advance!)


But seriously, what is Naow?

NAOW Agency offers day trip excursions from Nantes to the Great West.

All excursions include transportation in a 9-seater minibus. This allows us to put together small groups to create friendly atmosphere and facilitate the discovery of unusual services.

About us

Chloe is the cocooning spirit, and Marine is the adventurer !
Good mood and kindness, that’s the NAOW spirit!